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Today Counts

By Geoffrey Geddes

Take care of yourself.
Accept each moment as it happens.
Don’t regret the past; learn from it —
Don’t worry about the future; welcome it —
Plan hopefully; do courageously; be happily.

Happiness Is Not…

By Geoffrey Geddes

Happiness is not good feelings. It is not a sweet taste or a comforting scent. Happiness is not a dream house or a faster car or a promotion or a good hair day. It is not a relaxing bath or a deep massage or a jackpot or great sex. (Just hear me out.) Happiness is not victory; it is not relief; it is not satisfaction. Happiness is not a result or a consequence. It is not a thing to be had. Read more

Being Is Remembering

By Geoffrey Geddes

Perception follows experience; they are neither equivalent nor simultaneous. The time between experience and perception might be less than a hummingbird’s wing flap. Yet, without that period of reflection no perception, and therefore no consciousness, is possible. If the experience perceived has occurred in a moment and that moment has passed (as each moment must), then only a memory – a stored facsimile of the original experience – can be reflected upon. Just as a photograph is not the image captured, a memory is not the moment remembered. Read more

Don’t Be Afraid

By Geoffrey Geddes

Ego uses fear to guard its emotional territory. During our evolutionary youth, reflexive fear helped to propagate our species by bolstering our battle skills and energizing our escape. Today, ego-embellished, maladaptive fear sabotages our best efforts to live effectively.

A fly on a cave wall watches Homo Predecessor scrutinize his own hand; HP giggles at the wiggling fingers. He wanders outside, passes beside a watering hole, and bolts at his reflection; the stranger in the water also retreats. HP peeks into the water, and the pool-man peeks back. HP makes faces and watches the image reciprocate, finally realizing his role in both dramas. He exists. He is. He swings his club and down goes a boar, just as before. But now, he ponders as he munches his kill. “Whew,” thinks HP, “if me slower, pig bite me; then me go down; me could DIE!!” Fear of death – a fear provoked by thought rather than circumstance – marks the beginning of ego’s maladaptive reign. Read more