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Is It Safe?

Why do our eyes shut and our jaws clench when we watch the torture scene in The Marathon Man? It has to be more than just our collective fear of dentists. In that scene, Dustin and Larry dramatize one of our most primal needs – our need for safety.

Dear Eating Disorder

 By Geoffrey Geddes

Saying goodbye is often difficult, especially to a long-time companion. We’ve been together for nearly 60 years now, since long before I could even speak. You comforted me when Mom first had to abdicate her feeding duties to my disabled father and my babysitter in order to support ...  Read more

Don’t Be Afraid

By Geoffrey Geddes

Ego uses fear to guard its emotional territory. During our evolutionary youth, reflexive fear helped to propagate our species by bolstering our battle skills and energizing our escape. Today, ego-embellished, maladaptive fear sabotages our best efforts to live ...  Read more

Leaving Wonderland: A Real Hero’s Journey

By Geoffrey Geddes

Life calls to each of us with a singular, persistent appeal: live!  Heroes answer. Cowards disregard life’s plea and die before they bask in the light of authentic living. Late Bloomers doggedly delay their response. Circumstances or conditioning may defer ...  Read more

My Ego Is Best!

By Geoffrey Geddes

The sword of consciousness slices with two edges. With the first, we cut through primal perplexity with Holmesian observation and Einsteinian reckoning, unearthing Troy and dancing on the moon. Ego wields the second edge.

Our lizard brain struggled mightily to ...  Read more