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Being Is Remembering

By Geoffrey Geddes

Perception follows experience; they are neither equivalent nor simultaneous. The time between experience and perception might be less than a hummingbird’s wing flap. Yet, without that period of reflection no perception, and therefore no consciousness, is possible. ...  Read more

It’s All In Your Head, So Dance

Is Reality Real?

Solipsists isolate, radical empiricists separate, Buddhists incorporate, and monotheists prostrate. Devotees of each perspective syllogize and infer and spin mental pinwheels that yield little more than academic vertigo. The convoluted arguments of earnest seekers typically reveal more about the seekers than the reality sought. If someone offers you the Truth, smile and check for your wallet.

Context and Conditioning

By Geoffrey Geddes

Life imposes context. We do not choose our genetic attributes or our initial social and environmental circumstances. The power to affect our context develops with our maturing consciousness, eventually crossing a threshold after which choice drives our destiny ...  Read more

Notes From a Late Bloomer

Everyone grows older; not everyone grows wiser. Yet, given a sufficiently open mind, a few sage guides, and a bit of luck, longevity will sometimes yield a few helpful lessons. I spent much of my first half-century thoughtlessly reacting to my circumstances and my self-centered impulses. But I also occasionally looked up from my reflexive grind to inquire and reflect, and to listen to the precious mentors that fortune placed along my path. And, sure enough, I learned a few lessons that may be worth sharing.

My Ego Is Best!

By Geoffrey Geddes

The sword of consciousness slices with two edges. With the first, we cut through primal perplexity with Holmesian observation and Einsteinian reckoning, unearthing Troy and dancing on the moon. Ego wields the second edge.

Our lizard brain struggled mightily to ...  Read more

Flowers and Tears

Flowering plants elegantly model the human life cycle. Seeds depart from a pollinated parent; roots sprout and suck nourishment from their earthy womb; stems stretch toward freedom; petals unfold to welcome the light, and then wilt as their season wanes; plants return to the earth to fertilize future generations. The process is wondrously simple – adornments living gracefully unadorned lives. Each human begins life as simply and innocently as a Daffodil seedling. Our limbs sprout, our umbilicus sucks nourishment from our own earth mother, and, as gestation ends, we struggle for freedom. Then … we cry.