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How To Win At Billiards (Or: Is a Meaningful Life Just a Bank Shot Away?)

I know squat about billiards. I offer the game as a metaphor to help you navigate a few issues that can greatly impact the quality of your life: free will, interdependence, deliberation, and acceptance.

In billiards, a ball is launched with a cue stick, causing it to crash into ...  Read more

Are You A Finger Pointer?

The Buddha, that imperturbable thorn in the side of Judeo-Christian dogmatists, warned us about the pitfalls of finger pointing. As he ostensibly explained in one of his Q & As, “my teaching is a method to experience reality and not reality itself, just as a finger pointing at the moon is not the moon itself.” Gautama’s analogy points to the impediment created by each label. Naming and understanding are not equivalent.